Get Connected

We believe that living a life connected to God and other believers is the key to ultimate fulfillment. So we provide a simple way for you to connect at St Paul UMC.

St Paul offers a variety of ways to connect through small groups, serving the community, and events for you to get involved and live the God-first life.  Each area is specifically designed so that you can build meaningful relationships with other believers and experience our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Gifts Discovery Tool.   Before considering these, make sure you have set aside an uninterrupted time of quiet. Begin this time with prayer, and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you. Answer based on how true these statements are of your life experience, both past and present, not as you wish you would be. Remember, God’s choice of gifts for you is in harmony with His perfect plan and will for your life.

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As a church family, there are wonderful opportunities to celebrate the sacred moments in the lives of believers.  Find out more about communion, baptism, dedicating children to the Lord and preparations for marriage.

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