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             LEGACY OF FAITH, A FUTURE OF HOPE.    2 Timothy 1:1-14.  

Paul began by thanking God for the legacy of faith upon which his life and ministry was built. He thanked God for his fore fathers who by faith served God with pure conscience and he is following in their footsteps. He was also reminding Timothy of his own legacy of faith. The faith that was first in his grandmother Lois and his mother Eunice and the same type of faith is also manifesting in Timothy. We thank God for the legacy of faith that our mothers and fathers in faith handed down to us. For many of us, we were so blessed to have parents that instilled in us the value of faith, for others you have to get there on your own. 

            The question to all of us is what legacy are we leaving for our children and the upcoming generation? It is only when we leave a legacy of real faith in Jesus Christ alone that we can have a future of hope. We can look to the future with hope that the generation behind us will carry on the work of evangelization that God has committed to our charge. My prayer is that we will all have a future of hope as we build a legacy of faith today.


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