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Kory & Maria Hall , Youth & Children

Kory grew up in the small town of Brocton NY just west of Buffalo. After graduating high school, he joined the Air Force as a Services Specialist and was stationed in Fort Walton Beach, FL.

Maria grew up in Dunkirk NY a slightly larger city also just west of Buffalo where she attended Jamestown Business college and worked at a small Inn and fine dining restaurant. They met at this restaurant while Kory was home on leave in April of 1992. After dating and getting to know each other for just a few short weeks Kory returned to FL and Maria was hired by American Airlines as a Flight Attendant. She completed her training in Dallas and was assigned to Washington D.C. Kory completed his enlistment in October ’92 and joined Maria in D.C. and they were married in Oct. ’93. Kory worked in various restaurant, security and retail management jobs while Maria was in constant travel mode with the airlines. Maria took an early retirement in Sep 2001 and they relocated to Myrtle Beach SC.

As they settled into beach life they connected with Church of The Resurrection and soon began to get involved in many different ministries. Maria was drawn to children’s ministry and Kory to Youth. After many years of volunteering Maria accepted a children’s minister position at Prince George Episcopal church. A few months later Kory accepted the Youth and Young Adult Minister position at Church of the Resurrection. Having no children of their own, they now had 40+ in two different churches 30 minutes apart. Maria also worked part time at a preschool and in the early years of his ministry Kory worked part time with a general contractor. For financial reasons Maria made the difficult decision to leave part-time ministry and went into retail for several years before returning to pre-school teaching and is now looking forward to returning to children’s ministry.

They have a love of studying God’s Word and sharing it, in fun and creative ways with children and Youth.

They are very excited about joining the team at SPUMC and bringing God’s Word to life in the Jacksonville/Arlington community and beyond.

… Their journey and leadership begins September 1st …

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