Youth and Children Ministries

At. St. Paul UMC (SPUMC) we take the safety and spiritual nourishment of our youth and children very seriously. That is why every volunteer team member undergoes a rigorous screening and background check as well as annual training to be sure they are up to date with SPUMC high safety standards. Each team member has a passion for Christ and their spiritual gifts are amazing. So we would like to introduce them our “Youth Volunteer Team”. We welcome your visits anytime. Should you have any questions or concerns, you may email us at or call the office at 904-724-0022.

Elementary Age Children

Hello, my name is Kim Straughn and to my right is Nancy Bianco. We are privileged to teach the elementary age children on Wednesdays. We have a large group anywhere from 10-16 children who are curious, full of energy and love to share their special hugs with us.

We strive to provide a safe, loving environment where your child can participate and learn about God, Jesus and the Bible. As leaders, we foster trust worthy relationships with your child where faith can be taught and developed. I am a mother of three grown daughters and a grandmother to four elementary-age grandsons. Nancy is single and has a heart for children. We have always believed it takes a village of people to raise exceptional children. We hope you see St. Paul Church as part of your child’s village. Please come visit us anytime, I would love to meet you.

Middle and High School Girls

HELLO! My name is Elaine Culvyhouse and I teach the Middle and High School Girls. I have been involved with the Children and Youth Ministry for six years. It has been an absolute joy watching the kids grow and learn more about Jesus and how much He loves them. We are beginning a new study, “The 13 Most Important Bible Lessons for Kids About Loving Each Other”. This series is designed to draw children closer to Jesus and help them learn through His example and how they can show God’s love to others. Each lesson uses Scripture, conversation, and hands-on learning experiences to teach these vital truths that include, we love each other as God loves us; we forgive each other;
we pray for each other and encourage each other.

Senior High School Boys

Hello, I am Lee Zimmerman (Mr. Lee), I have the honor of mentoring young men at St. Paul United Methodist Church. Growing up I was a foster child living in more than 20 homes until one family took me in and became my parents. I was 13 then and they taught me about God’s love and it changed my life. I work with these young men to show them God’s love, how He changed my life and how God can change their lives. I served in the Army and have been a Communications Technician for over 40 years. I am married and have one daughter.

Middle School Boys

My name is Kurt Hyder and I am excited to be leading the Middle School Boys. My wife, Cathy, and I have been members of St. Paul for 31 years and have been blessed to have led children and youth groups here for 20 of those years. I grew up in Arlington and also attended Lake Lucina, Arlington Middle School and Terry Parker, so I have a vested love for this community and everyone in it. I believe a scripture-led life provides strength, courage and understanding for our children in Arlington to lead incredible lives. Through the use of our curriculum, group discussion, and God’s Word, our group will dive together deep into questions about God, Christianity and ourselves.

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